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Make it a Palm Sunday to remember! Start by learning to sing the Lord’s Prayer. (Click on the video link) We’ve already emailed the PDF for the next lesson in your Mission Impossible Series but here is the link again: file:///C:/Users/hp/Desktop/Mission%20Possible%202.pdf And here’s more you can watch:# Have a great Palm Sunday!

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This Sunday is a very special Sunday, Palm Sunday, and its appropriate that we give you something to watch and enjoy for this special day. We’ve selected a message by Skip Heitzig from Calvary Albuquerque from John 12:12-19 “Lesson From A Donkey”. The link for this is: You are all still in our prayers. Don’t …

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Hope your kids have had a fruitful week doing “home school” and now we’re heading for another weekend. It is important to keep the children focused on spiritual things so here are a few things to help you help them! With the following link you’ll find the first part of Mission Possible (as a PDF)…something …

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The message that I recommend you listen to this Sunday is by David Jeremiah, The link for this for you to watch on YouTube is: Press Play I think you’ll be encouraged. We’ll keep in touch in the coming days…let us know how you’re doing and if you have any prayer requests, we’d be more …

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For Parents & Guardians You can watch the service link for Alastair Begg’s message “Trusting God in Dark Times but what about the children. We don’t want them to miss out and we have  a PDF with a lesson for Mother’s Day. (Link below) This is 16 pages long and will last your family all …

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Good morning everyone In times like these, people are looking for truth. As Christians we know the One Who is the Truth! Can’t believe how strange it will be not to be able to gather physically on Sunday but please know that each and everyone of you will be prayed for on Sunday particularly, and …

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As you will know, there will be no church meeting for our weekly Bible Study tonight. We will postpone the Romans series for present so that no one misses out. No livestream but click on the following link for a great study from Steve Brady on Isaiah 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMGB8RKgxxA To access our archived studies….Select from …

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UPDATE We would advise that the decision has been taken to suspend all services and activities at the church till further notice. This includes Thursday evenings and both Sunday services. The church office will only be open on Mondays and Thursdays with the staff working at home for the remainder of the time. We will …

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This Sunday (19 January) we continue our mini series on “Hearing God”. This week we will be looking at the “Still small voice” from 1 Kings 19 at 11am in the main Sanctuary. On Sunday evening at 6.30pm we will be looking at “Beginnings” and particularly a look at “Identity: Who Am I”. All welcome.

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Keswick-in-Motherwell 2019

What a great Keswick-in-Motherwell we had with Steve Brady in 2018 and now we’re looking forward to 2019. The main speaker at the evening celebrations will be Jonathan Lamb. There will be a full programme over the three days 12/13/14 September 2019. Watch this space as we add information. Contact 01698 254848 or office@calvarymotherwell.org

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