Good morning everyone

In times like these, people are looking for truth. As Christians we know the One Who is the Truth!

Can’t believe how strange it will be not to be able to gather physically on Sunday but please know that each and everyone of you will be prayed for on Sunday particularly, and of course we do this on a regular basis. (If you have any prayer needs, please contact me.)

Church offers us the opportunity to worship together and hear from God’s Word and although we won’t be in the one place on Sunday, where ever you are we encourage you to spend time with the Lord as you would normally do. To help you, we encourage you to watch online and this weekend we present a great and topical service from Alistair Begg.

Just click the press button

This is a full service recorded when Alistair’s church had to deal with a crisis in Ohio in 2019 and its very appropriate for our current crisis. The worship is great but if you only want these message, just fast forward to about 25 minutes in when the sermon “Trusting God in the Dark” will begin.

We will keep in touch on a regular basis in the coming days.



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