The Movie “A Man Called Peter” is one of my all-time favourites. It tells the story of Peter Marshall from Coatbridge who ended up as the chaplain to the US Senate in Washington DC. Very influential in my calling to the ministry and always an inspiration. And what a great preacher he was. One of the highlights of my life was visiting his church and even being allowed to “try out” his pulpit. Enjoy this short clip from the movie.

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Jonah 4 (Pt 2): The Pouting Prophet (Pt 2)

We finally come to the end of our series in Jonah but the lessons we can learn in these closing verses are just as impactful as those we learned at the beginning of the book

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Jonah 4 (Part 1): “The Pouting Prophet” (1)

Our penultimate study in Jonah. Having experienced the greatest revival in history, you think Jonah would be overjoyed. But not so! Discover what his problem was. You will find it may be similar to ours!!!

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Jonah 3 (part 2) : “What to do in Nineveh (2)

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Jonah 3: Part 1 “What to do in Nineveh”.

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Jonah 2: Part 3 “Learning God’s Will the Hard Way”

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Jonah 2: Learning God’s Will the Hard Way (Part 2)

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Sunday 26 July 2020: Learning God’s Will the Hard Way (Part 1)

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